My Top 10 Teacups

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Being a collector of teacups for the past few years, I have come across many beautiful and unique pieces. However, I definitely have my favourites...

10. Royal Albert

To start the list off, one of my favourite romantic cups by Royal Albert. I'm in love with the colours and flowers.

9. Rosina

Such a beautiful unique shade of cornflower blue struck me when I found it. It's like no other cup set I have, it will always be a favourite. Dainty, delicate with beautiful violets. So pretty.

8. Royal Albert

The"Lyric" cup from the Festival series by Royal Albert. It's a beautiful whimsical cup gorgeous flower decals in a beautiful shade of pink.

7. Royal Standard

This striking cup is a beautiful shade of orange, with lots of gold scrolls . Its illuminating and reminds me of a lovely summers day.

6. Grosvenor

I love the shade of blue on this cup. The gold accent, the delicate flower placed in the centre- its a beauty.

5. Shelley

Its a delicate, embossed cup in a beautiful shade of pale pink. Small delicate flowers and sprigs remind me of Spring.

4. Stanley

With it's gold trim on a beautiful tone of blue, this Stanley cup stays on my list always of one of my favourites. The colours compliment each-other so beautifully.

3. Paragon

(getting closer!)

This is such a unique cup. It's not all the time that you see a teacup in this shade of mint green. Delicate pansies border its edges, its gold trim accenting the rim. Beautiful.

2. Royal Albert

Of course the list wouldn't be complete without it... this cup reminds me of the Lady Carlyle cup (#10) because of its interesting shape. Everything about this cup makes me fall in love. The filigree, the flowers, the pattern- the shade...this is hard.

1. Lefton

And here it is...

This Hand-painted, cornflower blue, widemouth Lefton Teacup has been my #1 for many years. It was love at first sight at the thrift shop, and absolutely nothing compares. To know that someone carefully, delicately, applied by hand this beautiful design takes this cup (or should I say artwork) to a whole new level.

Whats your favourite Teacup? Do you have any mentioned on my list?

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